Daily Themes

How To Transform A Single Daily Theme Into An Everyday Focus

Administrative tasks are the bane of my existence. I classify administrative tasks as those that require more of “maintenance mindset” than anything else. While these tasks don’t move me forward in leaps or bounds, not doing them can hinder progress on other tasks that lead to greater gains. Ever since I started theming my days I’ve set aside one day of the week to focus on administrative tasks. I figured that by dedicating a day to them I could get…

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How I Added Flexibility and Freedom to My Weekends

“About those weekend daily themes, Mike…” That’s what my wife interjected with as she drove me to the airport while I talked about plans for some weekends in the future. I was heading off to a speaking engagement for a few days. Once I got home, she’d be heading out of town for a few days. The weekends throughout the month were going to be out of the ordinary with only one of us would be home with the kids.…

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