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This Is How An Ordinary Person Can Make Their Country Better.

Use your voice When I was faced with the question “How do I make my country better?” I decided to use my voice. It was this decision that changed everything. I spent every day using my voice to stand for something. I wanted to inspire the world through entrepreneurship and personal development. So, I started using my voice by posting on LinkedIn. I used my voice and transcribed it into words to tell the citizens of my country what I think they needed…

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You Shouldn’t Buy Anything To Drastically Improve Your Life: Here’s Why.

5. Make friends with one new person Making friends is free although it can be uncomfortable. Drastically changing your life is uncomfortable too so starting the process by making one new friend is a good omen. Making a new friend usually involves putting yourself in a different environment. Attend a public speaking event, go to work drinks, attend a business event or go to a sporting event. Every friendship I’ve ever had has started out by me saying hello and smiling. New…

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The 17 Greatest Lessons I Learned In 2018 That Will Change Your Perspective.

Never let bullies ruin your passion. My social media following exploded in 2018. Who gives a crap about numbers of followers, though. What I learned is that as the audience for what I do got bigger, I became a target not just for trolls, but for groups of trolls whose sole purpose is to get together and take down people who have a loud voice online, by spamming their posts with comments of hate to scare others away from engaging with…

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