My Only Regret Is That I Didn’t Find This Practice Twenty Years Ago – Meditation Article

My name is Steve. I’m a corporate technology executive, father, and generally happy guy. My life has always been about evolution and expansion—looking for new ways to adopt the latest technology to enhance a company product, or new personal experiences to learn and grow from. This, along with seeking out ways to cope with the stress of corporate life while navigating the challenges that come with becoming a father, has taken my life down many different paths. As someone with…

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W&D Podcast: A Conversation on the Aesthetics of Joy with Ingrid Fetell Lee – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

This week on the Wit & Delight Podcast, we are talking with Ingrid Fetell Lee, the author of Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness. I’ve read the book twice, and each time it’s felt like validation around all of the work that I’ve done for the past decade plus. Ingrid’s groundbreaking work reveals the hidden influence of our surroundings on our emotions and our well-being, which is really the crux of many of the ideas…

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True Creativity Lies Beyond the Surface Mind – Self Improvement Article

I have already shared how A New Earth book was written by Eckhart Tolle. The book came into existence effortlessly, because it was already written in the spiritual form. So since Eckhart Tolle dwelt in the now, the book was able to easily come through him. This is the true creativity. The surface mind is not creative. It can only contribute to the chaos and noise of the world with its “creations”. It just forms and reforms that which is; but…

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