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Does Stuff Make You Less Lonely? – Happiness Article

I have a confession. Decluttering makes me feel lonely. Even when I want to downsize extra stuff, it’s hard. I find myself putting dusty keepsakes back into the same boxes where they have lived for years and walking around in an emotional funk for the rest of the week. But recently I’ve been forced to reexamine those feelings. Our family is going to be moving out of state after spending over a decade living in a sprawling house on rural…

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Losing Weight – No Sidebar – Happiness Article

We just bought the house we’ve been renting for the past 5 years. This house feels like an embrace from your granny – when you walk in, you will be completely immersed into its bigness, coziness, musty old smell, and crazy character. We fell in love with the house, just like you love a family member – it’s not perfect, but it belongs to our clan. Since we purchased it, we are shedding the weight of its previous owners. Both…

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What Minimalism Means to Me: More Time to Love – Happiness Article

After a recent decluttering, I decided to take a bag of clothes to a donation bin. I carried my bag through the city neighborhood where I live, trying to balance myself as I passed expensive row homes lined up and people enjoying their Saturday morning coffee before heading to the farmers’ market or brunch. In many ways, this snapshot was familiar, mirroring precisely what I had done during many of these decluttering events in the past several years. But this…

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