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Corporate Leaders Share 6 Strategies Corporations Should Adopt In M’sia – Lifestyle Article

This article series is in conjunction with Entrepreneurial Nation (E-Nation) Symposium, a 4-day event at MaGIC with the theme “Shaping An Entrepreneurial Nation”. The event will cut across 6 main pillars (Creative, Corporate Innovation, Education, Entrepreneurship, Policy and Social Entrepreneurship), with the objectives to: 1) bridge ecosystem players together to exchange ideas, promote collaboration and foster networking opportunities;2) highlight recent entrepreneurial initiatives;3) gather influential entrepreneurs and speakers to share rich knowledge and information to attendees;4) promote the concept of social…

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Seven Rules for More Effective Meetings – Productivity Article

Recently I attended a very productive meeting. It was long, but we accomplished what we set out to do. We made significant decisions, established accountabilities, and left the meeting knowing exactly what was expected of us. I think everyone left feeling that it was a good use of time. Unfortunately, too many corporate meetings don’t go this well. Often, they are a complete waste of time. But the good news is that they can be substantially improved. As I wrote…

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