core values

Doing What You Truly Value Makes You More Resilient – Positivity Article

There’s something I’ve learned through studying many successful and highly resilient people over the last 13 years and, from observing myself when in my most resilient state. It is the immense power of living in accordance with your own values and therefore by default, not living to other people’s values instead of your own. Whether at work or in our personal lives, if we don’t live a life that aligns to our core values – that is, things that are…

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How Discovering My Core Values Made Me a Better EntrepreneurPick the Brain – Self Improvement Article

We live in a culture where more is always great. More money, more power, more prestige, more everything. But is it more always the answer? I’m not going to tell you that having more it’s wrong. It’s fantastic to have more of what actually matters to you. Not in general like TV and even your favorite music videos tell you about. I discovered this after closing a record-breaking contract for my new startup Astrogrowth. I felt disconnected, and that’s how…

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