How To Fast-Track a State of Pure Awareness – Meditation Article

John Dupuy of iAwake Technologies talks with best-selling author Jonathan Robinson (The Technology of Joy, More Love Less Conflict) about how to awaken spiritually and access states of pure awareness. Jonathan is the creator and narrator of the guided meditations on iAwake’s latest release, Shortcuts to Awakening, which gives us the best of both worlds: effective and proven meditations to help us awaken combined with iAwake’s powerful brainwave entraining audio tracks in the background, taking us down to the deep brainwave states where we…

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What About Lambda? A Consciousness Expanding High Frequency Brainwave State for Advanced Meditators – Meditation Article

Brainwave entrainment artist Douglas Prater has created Infinity: two evolutionary brainwave entraining tracks that take you down through epsilon to the little known, high frequency state of lambda. Here he talks with iAwake Technologies’ CEO, John Dupuy, about lambda waves and the experience of being in the lambda brainwave state. Lambda brain waves, for those of you who have never heard of lambda before, are one of the lesser-known frequencies—one of the last to be discovered. They are very rare,…

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A Guide to Transpersonal Meditation: Journey to the Center of the Self – Meditation Article

Joseph Kao, creator of Journey to the Center of the Self, a deep, 30-minute, guided transpersonal meditation, accompanied by music embedded with advanced brainwave entrainment technology and followed by 30 minutes of only the brainwave entrainment music, talks with iAwake’s CEO, John Dupuy, about all that went into the making of this meditation tool masterpiece. John:           One thing I find so remarkable about your guided meditation in Journey to the Center of the Self, Joe, is you’re always bringing the…

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Gamma Brain Waves and What They Do For Our Brains – Meditation Article

Judith Pennington shares her extensive knowledge of gamma brain waves with John Dupuy, co-founder of iAwake Technologies. Judith is the founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind, where practitioners from all over the world use the Mind Mirror EEG to map, monitor, train, and research advanced states of consciousness. Judith:        I fell in love with gamma in 2005. I had started seeing extended amplitudes up in the high beta range, which normally describe states of stress, anxiety, and panic.…

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