conscious choice

What Would Happen if You Chose to Live in a Thankful World? – Positivity Article

Living in a thankful world is a tremendous place to be! It’s actually the same world that we all live in, but the reason I love my place in this world is that I have made a conscious choice to be grateful. Today, why not consider making this choice for yourself? It only takes a shift of your mindset and a bit of energy each day, but this simple change has the power to literally transform your life. Here’s how…

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Joy Boost – Stop Starving Your Soul – Positivity Article

You know your lungs need oxygen to breathe. You know your heart needs love to feel safe and supported. You know your body needs water to survive. But did you know that your soul needs joy to thrive? And that more than likely due to the pressures of your life, your soul is hungering deeply for the joy it’s being starved from. And this is affecting your health, your feelings of happiness, and even your real wealth. This is not coachy…

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