You Can Call Me Georgia – Positivity Article

Something magical happens when you stop caring about what others think of you. You start to taste a level of freedom that questions all of your past decisions. It changes your interactions with people. Your conversations with your boss. Your friends. The whole ecosystem around you. The other day, I met someone ‘important.’  Semi famous. He was so used to people being excited around him. Half way through my conversation I noticed that he was nervous. And I noticed something about…

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Choose A Meditation Practice You’ll Stick With – Meditation Article

In 2019, meditation isn’t exactly mysterious. Given the evidence, we all know we should meditate. Modern life is demanding and stressful, and in a lot of ways meditation is the perfect antidote. But while having the intention to meditate is one thing, establishing and maintaining a regular practice is another thing entirely. When you’re in a good flow, you might be exercising, eating healthy, and getting a good amount of sleep. But when your life gets more demanding, healthy habits…

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