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The challenges of true friendship in a changing society – Spiritual Article

He preceded Nathan Hale by almost two millennia, and his cry was almost the same, but far different. He was a Jewish sage who lived around the first century B.C. According to one story of his death, he fell into a coma that lasted 70 years, and when he awoke, nobody knew who he was and all his friends were long dead. His solitude was too much, and he said to God, “Give me friends or give me death!”His name…

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A shared identity in a polarizing world – Spiritual Article

“Where are you from?” In a simple world, I would answer that I’m from Canada. If I gave that answer, I would look like a fool, though, because I know what the other person is really asking. They are asking for your ethnicity or culture. The expected answer from me would be, “I am Indian, but I was born in Canada.” I have had this conversation more than a thousand times, but recently, I realized how inherently isolating the underlying…

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