10 Ways To Earn the Respect of Others

If you are a self respecting individual, chances are you want others to treat you with respect. And you know what, age isn’t a prerequisite nor is it a magic key to gaining respect. I’ve seen plenty of young people who are highly respected by their elders. I’ve also come across older people who I’d never respect because their actions are so out of line. It’s about how you conduct yourself, your attitudes towards others, and your actions. Regardless of…

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Why Giving Compliments Can Be So Hard

Have you ever wondered why some people can’t seem to give a compliment? Or are you having a hard time giving one whenever you see an opportunity? We all know that it’s something that is generally appreciated. We like to hear good things about ourselves when we know it’s sincere. It reinforces positive self-esteem. So, why can complimenting people feel so difficult sometimes? Compliments trigger our own insecurities When you recognize a reason to give a compliment, you are recognizing…

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