The Impact of Employee Engagement on Productivity, Retention & More – Productivity Article

Two-thirds of the American workforce is considered below average in terms of employee engagement. That might not seem like that big of a deal at first glance. But consider the fact that the right culture in the workplace has been proven to have a positive impact on employee wellness, profitability, and productivity. It turns out that happy, healthy employees are an invaluable resource for companies of any size in any industry. Investing time in employee engagement is a smart move.…

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Top Tech Tool Features Small Businesses Need to Stay Productive – Productivity Article

Deb Lee is a Digital Productivity Coach, Certified Professional Organizer®, speaker, Evernote Certified Consultant, and a self-described appaholic. She’s also the woman behind D. Allison Lee LLC, a productivity consulting firm that helps small business owners and company founders leverage technology to increase productivity. Deb is currently having an intense love affair with coffee and is seriously fanatic about social media, WordPress, and blogging. Using tech tools to help improve productivity can be a game changer for small-business owners. Technology…

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Why I Stopped Saying You Can’t Use Email to Manage Tasks – Self Improvement Article

For years I’ve been a champion of steering clear of email when you’re trying to manage your tasks. Every time I have witnessed someone using Outlook or Gmail as a to do list, I cringed and did my best to get them to see the light of day and start using an actual task management or to do list application for getting things done instead. But I’ve since changed my tune. Now I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen the light…

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