Cognitive Restructuring

Zooming In and Out to See Where You Want to Go in Life – Self Improvement Article

If you want to get a more “complete picture” of where you are in life and where you want to go, it’s important you know how to zoom in and zoom out your perspective. By “zooming in,” I mean narrowing your focus to a small scale. Focusing on what you are thinking or feeling in the present moment is one way of zooming in. For example, what are you thinking and feeling right now? How do you feel about the…

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What Are Your Superpowers? Create Unique Names for Your Strengths – Self Improvement Article

Do you have superpowers? When it comes to self improvement, we often focus more on our weaknesses and what we want to fix about ourselves rather than our strengths and what we are already good at. The main reason for this is that we tend to have a “negativity bias.” Our minds are designed to solve problems and fix things. And as a result, we take our strengths for granted and instead we spend most of our time thinking about…

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