The Power of Proving Yourself Wrong – Self Improvement Article

One important attitude behind self-growth in any area of life is: always be open to the possibility that you are wrong about something. Because only by admitting you’re wrong can you truly learn, grow, and change yourself. My favorite way to prove myself wrong is to play “devil’s advocate” toward my current beliefs. I assume the opposite of what I believe is true, and I begin to search for facts and evidence that support this opposing view. Often when I…

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7 Beliefs That Halt Change and Growth in Our Lives – Self Improvement Article

Our beliefs and underlying assumptions about ourselves can have a big influence on how we act each and every day. Often times we may not even be aware of these beliefs, even though we think or say them on a frequent basis. Instead, we just take them as accurate views of the world and we don’t question them as only opinion. One of the most important things to understand when it comes to self improvement is that there are common…

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The Art of Taking a Step Back – Self Improvement Article

When something happens to us in life, our instinct is often to immediately take action and respond to it. Make a mistake at work? Slam the desk. Someone pisses you off? Snap back at them. Want that slice of cake? Grab it and take a bite. Someone cuts you off while driving? Honk your horn and throw up the middle finger. React. React. React. Life is one continuous cycle between things happening to us and us responding to them. And…

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