Coffee Break

Coffee Break: Chelsea Leather Crossbody Bag – Lifestyle Article

I keep expecting the crossbody trend to end, but it really hasn’t — I know I love my crossbody bags because they’re ergonomically friendly, generally juuuust large enough for the stuff I want to carry, and (IMHO) feel safer than backpacks on places like the subway and things like that. This Tory Burch crossbody has a ton of great reviews, and is such a pretty green color — and it’s on sale! Score. It was $358, but is now $239;…

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Coffee Break: 3-Drawer Locking Filing Cabinet – Lifestyle Article

I was poking around the Container Store’s website the other day and realized that they have a ton of really colorful filing cabinets and drawers — fun! This is the kind of thing I totally would have loved in my first apartment after law school, where I strove for really bright, happy decor since I figured I’d be home rarely, in the dark, and expected I’d be exhausted, dejected, or some other negative emotion — so I could see these…

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