Look Good, Feel Good in This Made to Last Ethical Clothing Label – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

This post is brought to you by NisoloPictured above: the Heeled Chelsea Boot in black rubberAfter two babies, I was ready to go through my wardrobe and rethink not only my style (and rid myself of those “one of these days” pants) but also how I can become a more conscious consumer.Anyone who has participated in a closet purge (or the recent Marie Kondo fad) knows that oftentimes, the whole process changes your outlook on style or substance. For me?…

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Here’s The Brutally Honest Truth: I Don’t Need You Anymore

I cannot tell you how many conversations I start on a regular basis with the phrase, “I read this thing…” with my family, my friends, my therapist, and now — strangers on the internet. But, I read this thing the other day, a piece Kendra wrote, about getting rid of things in her apartment, and it made me want to immediately stop everything I was doing, get up from my desk at work, and rush home to a particular section…

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