F1 pledges to wipe out carbon footprint – Positive News – Positivity Article

Car racing franchise Formula 1 will be carbon neutral by 2030, according to a plan launched this month. According to the plan, Formula 1 will switch to low- or zero-carbon logistics and travel, as well as implementing ‘credible’ carbon offsetting and carbon sequestration programmes. The franchise’s estimated total emissions for 2019 are 256,551 tonnes. Emissions from F1 race cars themselves only comprised around 0.7 per cent of the total in 2018, while 45 per cent came from transporting race cars…

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European Investment Bank to end fossil fuel funding – Positive News – Positivity Article

The European Investment Bank has pledged to phase out its multibillion-euro funding of fossil fuel projects over the next two years. After 2021, the EU’s lending arm will no longer bankroll coal, oil or gas projects, and will instead make lending decisions that are in line with the Paris climate accord. The bank has announced that will invest €1trn towards climate-focused and sustainability projects over the next decade. EIB’s president, Werner Hoyer, described the shift in strategy as “a quantum…

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Change generator: meet the clean energy pioneer – Positive News – Positivity Article

Juliet Davenport pioneered a new way of powering homes when she founded Good Energy 20 years ago. Now, she’s at the forefront of business leaders proving that companies can do right by the planet as well as their shareholders Climate change rarely made headlines in the 1990s. Although the science was there, many people hadn’t heard it. Juliet Davenport felt there was a need for someone to take responsibility, but the lack of widespread knowledge made her self-appointed task of…

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