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Exploring New Depths Through Sensory Deprivation Therapy – Spiritual Article

The alarm rings. I wake up, and I am out of the door in 40 minutes. I go to work for eight hours, and through the passing evenings, I try to find time for family, friends and myself.In the summer, this cycle is broken by holidays or summer trips, yet I come back to the same life with the same questions. Life seems very methodical and mundane during these times. I rarely get time to just sit, think and relax.Recently,…

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Mind De-Clutter: 7 Things to Stop Telling YourselfPick the Brain- Self Improvement Article

“I don’t like myself. I’m crazy about myself,” said Mae West. People tend to be too harsh on themselves, thus subconsciously fostering a negative self-image. Many of us have that little, nagging voice in our head saying “You’re not good enough!” or “You’re never going to make it.” These seemingly harmless insecurities slowly erode our self-esteem and confidence which can have a serious impact on the way we perceive things and cope with life’s challenges. If you want to be…

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