How to Fit Tidying up Into Your Existing Routine – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo by Beazy on UnsplashEditor’s Note: This post was written and scheduled before protests began in Minneapolis and St. Paul following the murder of George Floyd. We decided to publish this piece because we all cope with our emotions in different ways, and for some of us, that means keeping our hands and minds occupied on tasks. As always, continue to listen to, learn from, and support people of color. Stay safe. If you’re spending a lot of time at home these days,…

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The Skinny Confidential Beauty Vault Reveal + 3 Tips To Keep Your Office Organized – Lifestyle Article

Turn on your JavaScript to view content As some of you guys know, I recently moved into The Skinny Confidential HQ ( we’re calling it the TSC Dreamhouse because we want it so Barbie hot pink that it’s obnoxious ). One of the requirements of moving into a new office space was that I wanted a closet that we could put all the giveaway goodies in. Think of it as a beauty, health, wellness, skin closet where everything is organized so we can see…

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Here’s The Brutally Honest Truth: I Don’t Need You Anymore

I cannot tell you how many conversations I start on a regular basis with the phrase, “I read this thing…” with my family, my friends, my therapist, and now — strangers on the internet. But, I read this thing the other day, a piece Kendra wrote, about getting rid of things in her apartment, and it made me want to immediately stop everything I was doing, get up from my desk at work, and rush home to a particular section…

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