Praying the Ignatian Examen: Video Guided Prayer Exercise – Spiritual Article

Cultivating a relationship with God can be hard in the midst of our busy lives, and that’s why Ignatius of Loyola came up with the Examen in the 16th Century. His monks tired of all the different prayers they had to do every day, so the brilliant Ignatius came up with one prayer they could practice just three times a day. The Examen is a contemplative prayer with a somewhat scientific approach: it’s a practice repeated at least once daily…

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Social Distancing and Spiritual Dirction in the Age of COVID-19 – Spiritual Article

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is changing how we have meaningful conversations and gatherings — yes, even spiritual direction sessions for a while. Leading experts in the fields of immunology and medicine are advising us to practice “social distancing,” which merely means you are very careful about getting physically close to people when in groups or crowds. It does slow down the spread of the virus, which is great, but we still need to be able to communicate with one another,…

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There’s No Proselytizing in Spiritual Direction – Spiritual Article

Spiritual directors are not preachers, missionaries or evangelists. There is no place for proselytizing in this practice. Our ethical standard goes even beyond the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have done to you. Spiritual directors are to treat clients as they wish to be treated. Our clients, companions, directees (all those names fit) are to be seen as mature, whole people who are on their own spiritual journey — if that’s what they want to call it…

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