Contemplation Exercise: Here I Am Prayer – Spiritual Article

Contemplation is the stillness we need to be aware of God’s presence. Jesuit theologian Walter Burghart calls it “the long, loving look at the Real.” It is long because our relationship with God (like our relationships with people) takes time. We must devote ample time to this Person we love. It is loving because we need to shed our judgments and fears and open ourselves to love just as we are. It is a look because we must face it.…

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There’s No Proselytizing in Spiritual Direction – Spiritual Article

Spiritual directors are not preachers, missionaries or evangelists. There is no place for proselytizing in this practice. Our ethical standard goes even beyond the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have done to you. Spiritual directors are to treat clients as they wish to be treated. Our clients, companions, directees (all those names fit) are to be seen as mature, whole people who are on their own spiritual journey — if that’s what they want to call it…

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Mother Teresa’s Natal Chart Analysis – What It Reveals About Her Character and Life – Self Improvement Article

Here is a revised transcript of the video above: In this article I thought I would analyze the natal chart of Mother Teresa. I checked whether her birth time is exact, and actually her birth time listed in astrology websites is not absolutely certain. Here it is shown that her Ascendant is in Sagittarius and that might be correct, because we know that she had been living a great part of her life in India, and we can see that…

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