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“Knowledge Is Not Understanding” — the Case of the Backwards Bicycle – Positivity Article

I loved this video from Smarter Every Day, where host Destin Sandlin learns to ride a bicycle that has been custom welded to reverse the handlebars. It sounds easy—all you have to do is think left when you normally think right, and vice versa. Can’t be too hard, right? But it is hard… very hard.   After he learns to ride the reverse bicycle, he then has another big problem: how to switch back to an ordinary bicycle. Turns out that’s really tough, too! Lesson: “Once…

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“When I Feel Anxious, I Make Lists: ‘What’s Going Well Right Now?’ and “What Bothers Me?’” – Self Improvement Article

Interview: Chris Guillebeau Chris Guillebeau and I have been friends and colleagues for a long time—so long that I don’t remember how or when we met. I’ve attended his terrific conference, World Domination Summit; we’ve done book events together; and his excellent daily podcast Side Hustle School is part of the Onward Project, the family of podcasts headed up by me, all about making your life better (along with Do the Thing with Whole30’s Melissa Hartwig Urban, Happier in Hollywood,…

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Limited Time: SIDE HUSTLE Is Just $1.99 from Major Booksellers : The Art of Non-Conformity – Self Improvement Article

Et Cetera Link: Get SIDE HUSTLE for $1.99 This week my publisher is running a special promotion to discount the digital version of SIDE HUSTLE to just $1.99. You can get it on whatever platform you prefer. This is my most popular book in five years, with more than 75,000 copies sold in the U.S. and a dozen foreign translations published so far. Here’s how my publisher describes it: “The author of the New York Times Bestseller THE $100 STARTUP,…

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