Time Sucks & Time Stealers: 3 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time so You Have More Space for What’s Needed – Positivity Article

I would love more time! I wish I had more time! Oh, if I only had more time. I feel like I don’t have enough time to do it all. Most of us feel the pressure of not enough time a lot.  Our society thrives on time pressure, although you and I do not. While there are lots of ways timelines and deadlines get imposed on us that we don’t have control over. There are many ways that you are…

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A Great Tool for Habit Change and Motivation – Self Improvement Article

Gamification is the process of using “gaming elements” in non-gaming situations. The basic idea is that by making an activity seem more like a “game,” individuals will be more motivated and focused to continue that activity and stay committed to it. One of the most common examples of this is when businesses use rewards and badges for customers who have been loyal to their company. The more products you buy, the more you work your way to different “reward tiers,”…

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The Art of Taking a Step Back – Self Improvement Article

When something happens to us in life, our instinct is often to immediately take action and respond to it. Make a mistake at work? Slam the desk. Someone pisses you off? Snap back at them. Want that slice of cake? Grab it and take a bite. Someone cuts you off while driving? Honk your horn and throw up the middle finger. React. React. React. Life is one continuous cycle between things happening to us and us responding to them. And…

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