Channeling and Spirits

The Prayers You Feel – – Spiritual Article

“May I pray for you?” the doctor asked me. We were just finishing up with my appointment. I’d been with him for 45 minutes, discussing my situation in great detail. He was thorough, empathetic, and insightful. Then he hit me with that question. “May I pray for you?” I’m not a religious person by any means, and I didn’t feel a strong need for prayer, but the way he asked was so sweet and sincere. I said, “Yeah, sure, why…

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Pennies, Feathers, and Butterflies: Are they really signs from beyond? – Spiritual Article

I was doing a reading for a client who told me that every time she thought about her deceased mother she would find a penny on the ground sometime that day. She wanted to know if the pennies were really being sent from her mother or if it was a coincidence. Another client would see feathers and think they were from her deceased grandmother. Butterflies and birds are also common objects people equate with visitations from deceased loved ones. But…

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Why Doesn’t God Just Destroy All the Demons? – Spiritual Article

Someone asked me the other day why God doesn’t just destroy all the demons and astral entities so they don’t bother us anymore. He wanted to know why God let them live in the first place.I think I’ve probably written about this before but it bears repeating.Demons and lower vibrational astral entities are part of creation. Just as are humans, animals, plants, insects, and everything with life in it in the universe.We humans take a particular dislike towards demons and…

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