Changing Your Life

The Truth About Changing Your Life Is That It Is Often Means Doing Less, Not More – Personal Development Article

The beginning of a self-transformation requires action, but the end of it requires something deeper, something harder, something you’ve probably never realized before. While doing more will almost always generate results, there’s an untapped, life-changing magic in doing less. Sometimes, your problems don’t come from what you’re not doing, they come from what you can’t stop doing. To really change your life, you probably need to consume less. You probably need to learn to use what you have, to take a breath and stop…

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If You Want To Change Your Reality, You’re Going To Need To Be Unrealistic

If you really want to have a different life, you are going to have to be able to see beyond your life. Before you can change your habits, you are going to have to change your vision. Before you can change your relationships, you’re going to have to reconcile with yourself. Before you can have a different existence, you’re going to have to believe it’s possible. Sam Laura Brown says it best: if you want a different reality, you’re going…

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