chakra balancing

6 Simple Ways Lightworkers Can Help – Spiritual Article

In addition to hand washing and social distancing, here are some ways magical practitioners and energy workers can support humanity and the planet during this uniquely challenging time. Everyone has unique talents and abilities that can be put to use in order to help create physical, emotional, and societal healing at this time. As someone who is sensitive to the subtle and energetic realms, for you, one of those talents and abilities is to establish greater harmony on the spiritual…

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5 Easy Ways to Heal and Balance Your Energy Field – Spiritual Article

When your energy field (also known as your aura) is healthy and harmonious, every aspect of your life improves. Healing your energy helps you feel more joyful, energized, vital, hopeful, and alive. Here are 5 simple, reliable ways to heal and balance your own energy field. Find these energy healing practices below in written form, and also find links to additional resources on this site to heal and balance your aura. Take three deep breaths. Optional: chant “Om” and/or place…

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