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Productivity Champ Spotlight — Sleep, Routines, and Productivity by Katie Brown

School can be stressful and fun at the same time–especially when you’re in college. However earning your Graduate Degree is a whole other ball game, and Katie, one of our Dojo members, can attest to this. She functioned on 2 hours of sleep during weekdays and tried to catch up on sleep during the weekends. It didn’t work out. Let’s go through Katie’s journey in her quest to do well in graduate school without incurring so many of the personal…

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Productivity Champ Spotlight — What Happens When You Don’t Acknowledge Problems with Moses Kaulaity

Asian Efficiency readers as well as members of the Dojo, our productivity community, come from all sorts of different backgrounds. We have corporate workers and managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists, musicians, marketers, housewives/housebands, and so much more! The beauty of having such a diverse audience is the wealth of knowledge that is shared. A perfect example of this is Moses. Read on and find out why he is our productivity champ for this month. Introducing Moses Kaulaity Moses is a handyman and…

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Productivity Champ Spotlight — Implementing Habits by Mike Pärssinen

Everyday we continue to share productivity strategies on our blog posts, newsletters, podcast, and our online community, The Dojo. These strategies have helped our readers get more work done in the time they have without sacrificing their health, family and personal time. At Asian Efficiency, we believe you can achieve your goals faster by creating a system that works for you. Today, we want to celebrate our productivity champ, Mike Pärssinen. We’d like to share his story of how he…

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Productivity Champ Spotlight — The Power of Systems by Andrew Pfeiffer

Systems Thinking is a powerful process that you can use to help you produce good results. This is true for our productivity champ–Andrew Pfeiffer. Andrew had a problem being consistent with his habits and to resolve this–he harnessed the power of systems. When he started using systems, he was able to make progress on his big goals and became uber productive. We are excited to introduce Andrew to you and learn how he implemented systems in his life. Introducing Andrew…

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Productivity Champ Spotlight — Getting Focused with Alice Ferris

We have written almost 1,000 articles on productivity since AE started, and one thing we have learned over the years is this: the people who take action and implement productivity strategies consistently are the people who succeed. If you were to sit in on one of our planning meetings, this is something you will hear a lot: “How do we make this actionable?”, or “How can people implement this information?” Thankfully, every day we hear from members of the AE…

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