Career Transition

Eat Your Toad First – Career Development Partners – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Early in my career I worked with an engineer who had a picture of toad on his desk.  This was a huge, fat, green, slimy, wart infested toad.  It had to be one of the ugliest creatures on earth.  The caption read, “Eat a live toad first thing in the morning, the rest of the day has to be better.”The takeaway I get from this caption is that we all have our toads.  It is that thing we dread doing,…

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Two-Time Cancer Survivor Transitions from Job to Career – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Jennifer Edwards, a 44-year-old single mom, had been successful in the import business for more than 20 years, but she felt that her career had reached a plateau. “I’m a two-time ovarian cancer survivor,” says Jennifer, “So when I had to stop working and then try to get back in the field, I thought ‘I can go back to this job and just pay the bills but not go anywhere, or I can get a career where I can go…

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Are You Listening? – Career Development Partners – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

“Can you hear me now?’ was the popular tag line in a commercial for a cell phone company. But the real question we should be asking in our everyday communications is “Are you listening?”Hearing and listening are very different. Hearing is the physical act of having sound waves hitting our ear drums, except for those who are hearing impaired, is a normal part of our day. Listening, on the other hand, means to interpret the noise, understand it and provide…

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