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7 Practical Career Tips for 2019 – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

by Karen Adamedes A new year. A new opportunity to be successful in your work and continue to develop your career. Both of which should help you enjoy what you are doing now – as well as lay the groundwork for what you would like to do next. Here are 7 super practical tips for your career success in 2019 1. Work with a mentor In the 18th century Irish writer and author of ‘The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes’ said,…

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5 ways to advance your career – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

By Lucy Manole According to research, a person spends one-third of his or her lifetime at work. Building your career is quite a journey, and it is natural to feel the need to move it along at some point. Financial requirements, a twist of fate, an ill-advised decision, and more can make you end up with a job that you are not happy in. However, if you are passionate about your career, you can always work on yourself and move…

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