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Online Branding: 5 Steps to Create Your Online Persona – Self Improvement Article

One essential aspect of the marketing strategy for any business is your online branding or online persona. In the digital age, developing a beneficial brand image for your company typically means creating an online persona for both you and your business. The importance of the online branding that you develop for yourself and your business cannot be overstated. With so many options available, customers often end up giving their business to the companies that resonate with them the most on…

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How to Get Clients For Consultants, Business Coaches & Trainers – Self Improvement Article

Business is booming these days for personal business coaches and trainers as more and more people begin to realize the benefits of having an expert help them improve their mindset and more quickly reach their personal and professional goals. Still, as with any business, knowing exactly how to get clients as a coach or trainer isn’t as simple as hanging up your sign and expecting them to come pouring in. To succeed as a coach or a trainer, you’re going…

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Bosses vs. Leaders: 4 Major Differences (Which are You?) – Self Improvement Article

Consider this question: Are you a boss or are you a leader? Understanding the differences between bosses vs. leaders will help you become a better manager, business owner, teacher, trainer, coach, parent, even a better spouse.  To start off, when I say “boss,” I’m talking about the kind of manager whose leadership strategies are all about command and control. Bosses want to be seen as the dominant force in the office and business and tend to “manage” their employees through…

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