Business Ideas

When To Ditch A Good Business Idea

Ideas are like buses: You wait ages for one and then two come at once. It happened to me the other week: In the space of three days I came up with two really good business ideas. I toyed with them for a couple of days, figuring out the details, creating mini business plans in my head. But at the same time knowing they would never go beyond the planning stage… For example, both would require for me to stay…

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BDSM, veganism and Russian dolls

I used to work with this really cool guy called Stu: IT engineer, vegan, human rights and animal welfare activist. He also happened to be into BDSM scene. After he left the company we lost touch. Then, maybe two years ago, a friend of mine who also knew him sent me a link to a website with a note “Look what Stu is up to!”. It was a link to a blog and an online shop that was selling… “Cruelty-free…

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