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How to Use Automated Video Courses as Part of a Sales Nurture Program – Self Improvement Article

There is a lot you can do to transform your sales nurture program into one massive cash cow. You can set up drip emails, run contests, or do giveaways — you can even include polls and surveys to the mix so you can obtain helpful data to take your sales nurture program to the next level. However, out of all the methods you can use, a lot of seasoned marketers would argue that publishing videos should be one of your…

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How to Come up with Online Course Ideas – Your 6 Easy Tips – Self Improvement Article

Are you thinking of creating your own digital course, but having troubles coming up with online course ideas? No problem, I had the same difficulties at first, too. Below you will find my 6 tips that should make your life easier! 🙂 P.S. LIVE FREE masterclass: The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Digital Course Success. – How to Build, Launch and Grow a Thriving Digital Course Business Without Hiring a Big Team, the Constant Overwhelm or the Momentum Crushing Question, “What…

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7 Ways to Grow Your Business Motivation (And Stay Motivated!) – Self Improvement Article

It’s not a secret that any business starts with the right mindset. We watch motivational movies, read business books, learn about those that have successfully managed to leave the 9-5 rat race.. we then ask ourselves.. what if? What if I, too, can start my own business and become successful?… That is when the so-called business motivation is at its peak state. It’s the perfect time to take action. Naturally, however, all motivation, including the business one, weakens with time.…

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