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18 Must Read Business Books for Emerging Entrepreneurs and Startups – Self Improvement Article

Reading is both relaxation and training for the mind. Who reads, dives into another world. Learning, entertaining and breaking out of everyday life for a short moment. One could go even so far as to say reading is the second most beautiful thing in the world! Whether it is non-fiction or a novel of all the world’s man has created, the book is the most powerful tool. That is also, why we wanted to find out which business book you…

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5 Must Read Books That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity

Image Credit: Books have all the answers you are seeking. Whether you want to learn a new skill or want to achieve personal excellence, the wisdom of ages shared by the leaders and authors can become a roadmap to follow. With arise of advance technology, comes whole a lot of distractions. Instead of getting closer to your goals, most people fail to develop a self-disciplined life, and thus settle for mediocrity. Figuring out different methods to improve productivity not…

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