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Expert Advice For When You’re Overwhelmed – Productivity Article

We all go through periods of feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed at work. And who wouldn’t want an expert or trusted friend to pop in at that very moment and right the course?Unfortunately, few of us get that kind of personalized attention. Instead, we continue to make many of the same mistakes over and over. But what if it didn’t have to be this way?This got us thinking about a specific question: What would the experts tell you if they…

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We asked 700+ workers how to write a professional email – Productivity Article

Despite being one of the main things we spend our time on, few people are ever taught how to email. And you can probably tell.While some people shoot from the hip with reckless ‘reply all’s’ and a lack of formal language, other emails sound like letters from the frontline of WWI. (Dearest X, I hope my email finds you well. It has been a fortnight and I still have not received your latest status report…)Language aside, what’s often worse than…

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