Brittany Chaffee

The Most Meaningful Lessons I’ve Learned About Grief – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo by siyan peng on UnsplashWe grieve differently. We see the world differently. We heal differently. We open our hearts differently. We are different because we, ultimately, must be. Sameness, the whole humdrum operation, wouldn’t serve us anyway. It shouldn’t be difficult to “make do” with the grief I feel. But, I always end up comparing my pain to others. In grief’s journey of anger, sadness, questioning, and guilt, pain becomes delectably comparative. When I feel a certain way, I always wonder if I’m…

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Books You Should Read Paired with Flowers (Because, Why Not) – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photography by Wing Ta of Canary Grey for Domino Magazine I have a really special relationships with books. When I was little, I cracked open a book in the grocery store while my mom shopped and I read and walked. I read so much that I taught myself how to (wrongly) pronounce certain things as I shoved books into my soul constantly. I still sometimes accidentally pronounce facade as “fay-cay-de.” I’m the girl that “can’t use a Kindle” because I…

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