Have Faith That You’re Enough for This – Positivity Article

Have you heard the call to parts unknown? And have you dared to answer? The call will lead you to strange lands beyond imagination. The landscape will grow more unfamiliar the further you travel, and you may wonder if you’ve lost your way. Remember then how unimaginable where you stand once was. Only yesterday, today was unknown too. Look to the steps you took to get here and smile, knowing that so many discoveries wait for you in the uncertainty…

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20 POWERFUL Anthony Joshua Quotes to Inspire Winners – Self Improvement Article

Anthony Joshua quotes to inspire the winner in you. Powerful quotes that reflects great charisma, valor, mindset and more of what makes a true champion. Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer, one I like to call an Elite boxer. Born in Watford, Hertfordshire though a Nigerian descent. Joshua spent some years in Nigeria but returned to Hertfordshire after his parent’s divorce when he was 12.  He grew interests in boxing and went all in on it. He won the senior ABA…

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