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Change generator: meet the clean energy pioneer – Positive News – Positivity Article

Juliet Davenport pioneered a new way of powering homes when she founded Good Energy 20 years ago. Now, she’s at the forefront of business leaders proving that companies can do right by the planet as well as their shareholders Climate change rarely made headlines in the 1990s. Although the science was there, many people hadn’t heard it. Juliet Davenport felt there was a need for someone to take responsibility, but the lack of widespread knowledge made her self-appointed task of…

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‘It’s not enough to just make great coffee’: The roastery uplifting its local communities – Positive News – Positivity Article

Bristol-based Extract Coffee Roasters works with community groups in the UK to support vulnerable people, through training, mentoring and sports There are many people reading this who might claim coffee changed their lives, but for Katia Ferreira it really did. Not because she discovered the black stuff could rouse her from her slumber every morning – as it does millions of people daily – but because it provided the 53-year-old with a lifeline after arriving in Britain as a refugee…

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