How Much Detail Should You Really Put in Your Résumé? – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Both you and I know that there is no lack of advice out there, and one of the most frustrating experiences for those who are job seeking is how to figure out whose opinion is right. I invite my clients and my students to run others’ advice by me, and I don’t make them follow my advice (though I do have to stick to rubrics I develop for my students.) I encourage them to run experiments but run them fairly…

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Episode 72 – How Writing a Book Can Build Your Personal Brand with Deborah Ager – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

  In this episode I interview Deborah Ager, Book Mentor and Founder of Radiant Media Labs, who helps clients write books that build their businesses and their personal brands. She also shares how she balances her career with being a mum. If you are anything like me, writing a book has been on your bucket list for some time, but it has always seemed like such a huge task. Well, I am so grateful that Deborah breaks things down today…

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