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How to Build a Brand—From Anywhere—by Embracing Your Surroundings – Productivity Article

In 2012, five friends pulled an all-nighter drinking American rye whiskey in a sauna in Finland—a country in which rye is the most beloved grain and is deeply rooted in everyday culture. By morning, they asked a watershed question: Why wasn’t anyone making rye whiskey in Finland?  This was the now-storied genesis of Kyrö Distillery, named for the charming rural village, Isokyrö, where it occupies an old dairy farm and produces spirits made from 100% Finnish rye, including a cream…

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The Creative Entrepreneur Behind Paper Chase Press on Doubling Down on Risks and Reinventing Print for a Digital-First Generation – Productivity Article

Paper Chase Press, now in its 43rd year, is a force and fixture of the Los Angeles art world. Located on Sunset Boulevard, in the heart of Hollywood, the printer counts among its clients everyone from Commune Design to Adidas and MoCA. Still, it’s no small feat to be a thriving print business in 2019, and the resurgence and continued success of Paper Chase can be attributed to the effusive and resilient spirit of its second-generation owner, Nicole Katz. She…

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