Body Image

I’m Slowly Learning To Make Peace With My Body – Self Improvement Article

Chances are, you’ve been hard on your body before. Perhaps you’ve had an up and down relationship with your body and food for years. Perhaps you’ve cycled between diets in an attempt to feel better about your body and ultimately about yourself. Perhaps you’ve struggled with bingeing or over-exercising. Perhaps you’ve struggled to accept your body, no matter how much it weighs. Perhaps you’ve even struggled with an eating disorder, or with disordered eating. I hope you know that you’re…

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A Few Small Things That Have Helped Me Love My Body Lately

If you’ve been struggling with self-love lately, here are a few things I’ve tried recently that have had really good results for me. Being gentle with everyone Like Leslie Knope reframing her town’s citizen’s screaming at her as “people caring loudly AT me”, I can usually find a way to look at something differently so that it fits with the way I see the world. Parks and Rec It sounds super uptight but one thing I am trying to work…

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