How To Achieve More In Less Time *

Video transcript: Hi there my friend, I am Cornel Manu, founder of I have a question for you: Do you want to achieve greatly, increasing your productivity daily, while spending less time doing it and have more free time to enjoy life and those you love? I am sure you want that. We all want that. When it comes to productivity, being high achievers and focusing so much on getting things done, we tend to sabotage ourselves and even…

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What Is Motivation and How to Get More *

I want to talk about motivation today and what really is it. Because you see, you can’t get something you don’t really understand. It sounds like a simple principle but what is easy to understand is also easy to misinterpret. Motivation is the sum of all emotional reasons for us to do something. You noticed I didn’t say mental reasons. Do you wonder why? Mental reasons can be found in any direction. You can find rational reasons to do anything,…

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