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How to Do One-on-One Meetings – Personal Development Article

Based on decades of team leadership, we’ve developed a communication rhythm that guarantees your team members are well motivated, well-resourced, and highly productive.  Using this structure for personal contact, you’ll move from responding to problems to resourcing your team for success. And your own band width will increase as your team becomes more engaged and independent than ever before.  Here’s what’s ahead in this episode.  Two extremes leaders may default to when leading teams. [2:11] The consequence of either micromanaging…

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Have the Right Meetings – Michael Hyatt – Personal Development Article

It’s true. We got so sick of lousy meetings that we decided to do something about it. When we founded this company, we determined that meetings were going to be something more than a necessary evil. We wanted to make meetings productive and engaging, like they were meant to be. So we created a meeting rhythm and cadence that ensures we have just the right number of meetings, that they all have a clear purpose, and that they don’t get…

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