Best friends

These seven girlfriends bought a mansion so they can retire and live together – Positivity Article

Please share our story on: While most of us could only dream of living in a mansion, this group of friends in China just made it their reality. It all started out as a joke. In 2008, seven friends gathered and said that they would live the retired life together when they turn 60. Back then, nobody took it seriously – the statement was all made in good fun. YouTube Fast forward to a decade later, the friendship fantasy became…

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101 Quotes about Best Friends to Warm Your Heart – Self Improvement Article

What would your life be without your best friend? The following list of inspirational quotes about best friends reminds you of all the beautiful moments you spend together. And if you can’t get enough of good quotes, have a look at our collection of best friendship quotes. You can count yourself pretty lucky if you have a best friend who has been standing on your side through the good and the bad times in life. No matter if you first…

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