Being Happy

50 Little Ways To Be A Happier You Every Single Day

1. Wake up ten minutes earlier than you normally do and drink your coffee (or tea) a little more slowly than usual. 2. Write one paragraph in a journal about how you honestly feel about your current place in life. 3. Below that, write down three things that you have the power to change in six months. 4. Accomplish one small goal you have for the day that’s dedicated to personal fulfillment. 5. Start reading a book that you’ve been dying…

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10 Easily Missed Signs You’re Leading A Happy And Healthy Life

1. You’re not as comfortable right now as you wish you were. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. It’s okay to demand more from yourself. That’s part of leading our happiest lives, even though we don’t always think of it that way. 2. You don’t enjoy a lot of frivolous things. Instead, you search for more meaningful ways to spend your time. This often leads to an unsettling feeling of boredom. Those who lead a happy and healthy life aren’t easily…

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