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How to Practice Tonglen – Lion’s Roar – Meditation Article

Pema Chödrön teaches us “sending and taking,” an ancient Buddhist practice to awaken compassion. With each in-breath, we take in others’ pain. With each out-breath, we send them relief. Illustration by Carole Henaff. Tonglen practice, also known as “taking and sending,” reverses our usual logic of avoiding suffering and seeking pleasure. In tonglen practice, we visualize taking in the pain of others with every in-breath and sending out whatever will benefit them on the out-breath. In the process, we become liberated…

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How to Practice Loving-Kindness – Lion’s Roar – Meditation Article

JoAnna Hardy teaches us the famed Buddhist practice of metta – offering love to ourselves and others. Illustrations by Tomi Um. When I was introduced to the practice of metta—most often translated as lovingkindness practice—I definitely knew it wasn’t for me. It was too mushy and sentimental for my pragmatic mind. It was reminiscent of the wishful praying that I thought was reserved for the type of faith I had left behind. I didn’t really believe that I—or maybe any living…

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