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Six Things To Remember When It’s Time To Actually Move On – Personal Development Article

One, he’s gone. He’s not coming back. He is now a wind passing to your window, forcing you to remember the smell of his breath and the warmth of his palm and the faithlessnes of his lips pressing towards yours. You will remember the feeling of touching his scalp as you scratch his thin hair until he sleeps, you will remember him in every knock on the door, in every missed calls from an unknown number, in every flickering lights…

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He’s Everything You’re Not And I’m Probably Going To Break His Heart – Self Improvement Article

I sneak out of his bed around 3 and gather my clothes from the floor. I don’t bother picking up my heart; I think I’ll leave it there to collect some dust. Maybe it’ll get swept up by the maid on Friday and make its way to the landfill by next week. Outside, I dissolve under the porch light. I miss you. He’s everything you are not, and I hate you, I hate you so very much. Back home, I…

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Here’s The Brutally Honest Truth: I Don’t Need You Anymore

I cannot tell you how many conversations I start on a regular basis with the phrase, “I read this thing…” with my family, my friends, my therapist, and now — strangers on the internet. But, I read this thing the other day, a piece Kendra wrote, about getting rid of things in her apartment, and it made me want to immediately stop everything I was doing, get up from my desk at work, and rush home to a particular section…

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