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How I Helped Businesses Overcome COVID-19 Difficulties Using Facebook Ads And Online Marketing – Self Improvement Article

If you’d like to learn how to maximize your time during the current pandemic so you can improve your productivity, sign up for the free 90-Day Master Class hosted by the founder of, Joel Brown.By now, it should be clear that COVID-19 has affected businesses worldwide. The global economy has been affected and small to medium sized businesses are really suffering. Beauty salons, retail shops, gyms, and fitness centers are closing down. Business owners are struggling with cash flow…

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The Second Best Thing You Can Do Right Now – Positivity Article

Wondering what to do during this time of chaos? I have a proposal. First, the best thing you can do is what you already know about: keep people safe by washing your hands, refraining from gatherings, etc. But unless you’re on the front lines (THANK YOU to everyone who is), most of those actions are passive. When you’re sitting at home with clean hands, what can you do besides turn on Netflix? This is my proposal: the best thing you can do…

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Prioritization: How Productive People Get Things DonePick the Brain- Self Improvement Article

My wife and I recently traveled to Zion National Park where I witnessed a cairn (pictured above) on the trail. Cairns are used as trail markers around the globe to help you realize that you are on the right path. In my life, I have found that the cairn of prioritization has helped me become more productive in the most important areas of my life. If we do not have such “cairns” in our life, we will lose sight of…

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