What Awe Looks Like in the Brain – Happiness Article

When was the last time you experienced awe? Perhaps you were stopped in your tracks by a beautiful vista on a recent hike, or captivated by a painting at your local art museum, or moved to tears at a concert or church. Or maybe you were just sitting on your couch breathlessly watching an episode of Planet Earth. Whatever it was, you probably weren’t thinking much about yourself or your to-do list. What makes awe so transporting, overwhelming, even mystical…

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Learning to Live – Using Positive Emotions for Self-Change – Positivity Article

Awe. Recently I’ve been reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ and went on a solo ‘artist date’, my first one ever, to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford to see a Jeff Koons exhibition. I was a little apprehensive about going as art exhibitions aren’t usually something that excites or inspires me, and Jeff Koons definitely has a unique style which not everyone enjoys. This was also a brand-new experience for me, a solo trip to an exhibition instead of going…

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