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How to Receive Divine Guidance – Spiritual Article

You can absolutely receive the Divine wisdom and guidance that will most benefit you at any given time. Here are some simple guidelines for accessing your intuition and downloading Divine messages throughout your day. You may also like: Grounding Meditation 10-Minute Chakra Clearing Meditation Quick and Thorough Aura Cleansing Meditation Did you try the technique… This is only a snippet of a Spiritual article written by Tess Whitehurst Read Full Article

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3 Rituals to Help You Forgive Yourself and Be Free – Spiritual Article

Banish guilt, self-judgment, and self-criticism with one of these simple and effective self-forgiveness rituals. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. We’re all learning as we go. That being said, the truer truth is that everyone is permanently perfect. Including you. The human experience is one in which we are all temporarily mesmerized by an illusion. It’s an illusion of separation, discord, and struggle. Within this illusion, we are all imperfect and we all make mistakes. It’s an illusion that…

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5 Easy Ways to Heal and Balance Your Energy Field – Spiritual Article

When your energy field (also known as your aura) is healthy and harmonious, every aspect of your life improves. Healing your energy helps you feel more joyful, energized, vital, hopeful, and alive. Here are 5 simple, reliable ways to heal and balance your own energy field. Find these energy healing practices below in written form, and also find links to additional resources on this site to heal and balance your aura. Take three deep breaths. Optional: chant “Om” and/or place…

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