attitude of gratitude

5 Simple Gratitude Practices that Will Change Your Life – Positivity Article

Although you may have heard of the term “practicing gratitude,” what does it actually mean? In essence, it is a pathway towards spiritual alignment. One might describe it as moving with life’s current as opposed to against it. For many people, practicing gratitude is a conversation rooted in hyperbole; however, a number of benefits truly come with making it a part of one’s life. In fact, those who have made gratitude/deep appreciation a part of their life have attributed the…

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How to raise a grateful child #AtoZChallenge #Parenting – Self Improvement Article

We live in challenging times—more so when it comes to parenting. Of courses we want the best for our children and in the process, end up overindulging them and this can have long term consequences—and not of the good kind. It’s a fact that childhood overindulgence leads to a sense of psychological entitlement. When parents overnurture children by doing things that their children ought to be doing for themselves, being too lenient, having no rules—in short, giving them too much,…

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